Highway of Eternity

(Critical Survey of Contemporary Fiction)

The Evans family (David, Timothy, Enid, Henry, Emma, and Emma’s husband, Horace) are refugees from an era one million years in the future, when the inhabitants of Earth have abandoned their human bodies, choosing to become insubstantial spirits, mere specks of glitter that drift away and disappear into the star light. In effect, the human race has chosen genocide through a cult of “incorporeality” preached by a group of aliens called the Infinites. Any human beings who resist the cult are hunted down by killer robots and summarily executed; only a few mavericks survive on the fringes of society. The Evans clan escapes in three “time travelers” (boxlike machines) stolen from the Infinites, and they travel to the sixteenth century. They settle in a remote corner of Shropshire, England, where they live peacefully in Hopkins Acre, a country estate, until the arrival of Jay Corcoran and Tom Boone, two unexpected guests from the twentieth century.

Corcoran and Boone possess extraordinary powers: Corcoran is able to see objects in another dimension, while Boone can “step around a corner” into that other dimension. Neither man understands his strange gift, yet these mysterious abilities become crucial for their survival--and that of the Evanses--when a killer robot appears and they are forced to vacate the pastoral world of Hopkins Acre. In their haste, they fail to program the time travelers, so they all wind up at different points in time and...

(The entire section is 402 words.)