The Higher Power of Lucky Chapters 22-23 Summary

Susan Patron

Chapters 22-23 Summary

Back at home, Lucky showers to wash off all the oil and sand and sweat and tears. She pulls on her nightgown and sits on Brigitte’s lap. Even though she is much too old to do this, she still fits nicely in the spot. Lucky examines her knees and Brigitte’s knees and thinks that they look pretty much the same—although Lucky’s are scabbed and girlish, while Brigitte’s are smooth and womanly.

Lucky asks about Brigitte’s passport and papers, and Brigitte explains that she wants to show them to a judge in the town of Independence so that she can legally adopt Lucky. She is taking the restaurant management course because she wants to open a restaurant in Hard Pan, not in France. When she realizes that Lucky thought she was leaving, Brigitte seems a little frustrated and a little sad.

Next Lucky asks what a scrotum is. Brigitte says it is “the little sack of the man or the animal which has in it the sperm to make a baby.” She asks, somewhat worriedly, why Lucky wants to know. Lucky says she heard someone say it. Brigitte says, “You know if anyone ever hurt you I would rip their heart out.” Lucky knows that this is Brigitte’s way of saying "I love you." Then Lucky says good-night in French—which is her way of saying “I love you” back.

Even after Brigitte opens her restaurant, Lucky keeps her job cleaning up outside the Found Object Wind Chime Museum and Visitor Center after the anonymous meetings. It is an easier job, though, because the twelve-step people do not litter as much now. Instead of hanging out on the street before and after their meetings, they sit in Brigitte’s restaurant and eat pie or sandwiches. Brigitte writes the names of these foods in French so that everyone in town—along with the geologists and tourists who pass through—learns a lot of French words. This makes Brigitte happy, and the work does too. Lucky sometimes helps out by grinding the parsley and sprinkling it over the food.

These days, when Lucky is finished cleaning up after the anonymous meetings, she fills her trash bag and tosses it in the dumpster. She often checks the spot where she used to eavesdrop on all the meetings. There, where the hole in the wall used to be, she finds a spot plugged with Fix-All. The sounds of the meetings no longer drift out. She has fixed it up pretty well.