Chapter 21 Summary

When Lincoln enters the dugout, Miles shouts that he and Lucky have run away. Lincoln says he already knows. Back in town, the adults looked everywhere for the two kids and did not find them. People are already speculating that the kids may be at the dugouts, so the whole town is sure to arrive soon. Lucky does not see any point in running, so they all sit snacking on Fig Newtons and hard-boiled eggs while they wait to be found.

The moon rises. Lucky looks up at it and thinks that she and the rest of the people of Earth are lucky to have the moon they have. Other planets have little moons or lots of moons. If Earth had something different, then all of Earth would be different. The tides would not work the same way, and life would be all wrong. Lucky feels certain, “both as a scientist and as a girl-speck looking for her Higher Power,” that any other moon situation on Earth would be less perfect.

As Lucky is thinking about this, a caravan of cars from town arrives. She recognizes Brigitte’s Jeep and everyone else’s cars, too. Miles runs out to meet everyone, but Lucky and Lincoln stay where they are. Lucky watches Miles’s grandmother hug him, and she wonders if people will think she kidnapped him. She imagines herself being locked up in a place for bad kids in Los Angeles. If that happens, she knows she will become a bad kid. She will be a Ward of the State, and unlike her current guardian, the State will not hug her and let her sit on its lap every night before bed.

Lucky decides that there is something she has to do before she gets hauled away. As the grown-ups hug Miles, she stays in the shadows and pulls the urn out of her bag. She steps out into the moonlight, feeling how it reflects off of the urn and the silk dress. She calls out, “Thank you for coming to this memorial service for my mother,” and everyone stops talking. They turn and face her, and Brigitte’s eyes fill up with tears.

Lucky is not sure what to do next, so she just says, “These are her remains.” She thinks about her mother and looks at Brigitte, who smiles and waits. Short Sammy begins to sing “Amazing Grace,” and everyone else joins in. Then, just as if some Higher Power is paying attention and knows exactly what needs to happen, a breeze rises. Lucky opens the urn and flings the remains into the air. They are carried into the desert on the wind and the song.