Chapter 14 Summary

On Monday morning when Lucky wakes up, she does not know that she will receive Three Signs telling her she is on the right path. However, her plan to run away is fixed more firmly in her mind than it was when she went to bed. It feels like the kind of plan she can actually do right, not the kind that is likely to cause tragic accidents. She decides to leave as soon as she gets home from school in the afternoon.

Lucky is almost late for the school bus, so she jogs to catch it. As soon as she crests the hill, she sees Lincoln already waiting in the back. She also sees Miles far behind her, skipping from his house. Sandy, the bus driver, waves impatiently at the kids to hurry up. Lucky gets on and waits to help Miles up the steps, ignoring him when he tells her he can take care of himself. Sandy, as always, makes them all sit in the back so they cannot bother her during the 50-mile trip to school.

Lucky and Miles walk past sixty rows of empty seats to sit next to Lincoln at the back of the bus. Lincoln ties knots and Miles looks at Are You My Mother while they ride. When they pass by a sign declaring that Sammy DeSoto—their friend Short Sammy—has adopted a stretch of highway, Lucky points it out to Miles. Miles gets angry that Sandy refuses to stop so he can read it. “Some people need more time to sound out their words,” he says. Lucky and Lincoln “eye-smile” at each other when they hear this. Afterward, Lucky decides that this moment, when she and Lincoln have the same thought and know it, is the First Sign that she is on the right path. Neither of them says anything about it. Lincoln explains to Miles that Sandy cannot stop without making them late. He also explains what it means that Short Sammy has adopted a stretch of highway. Every week, Sammy goes out to the highway in an orange vest and a hat to pick up litter. That is why the road is so clean.

Miles begins making croaking noises, and Lincoln puts on his headphones. He does not own a music player, but wearing the headphones helps him concentrate when Miles makes his sounds. When Lucky cannot stand to listen any longer, she tells Miles a story to quiet him down. Miles asks for a Fig Newton. She sighs and fishes one out of her bag for him.