Hester (Lynch) Thrale Piozzi Principal Works - Essay

Principal Works

(Nineteenth-Century Literary Criticism)

Anecdotes of the Late Samuel Johnson, LL.D., During the Last Twenty Years of His Life (biography) 1786

Letters to and from the Late Samuel Johnson, LL.D., to which are added some Poems never before Printed. Published from the Original MSS. in her Possession. 2 vols. [with Samuel Johnson] (letters and poetry) 1788

Observations and Reflections Made in the Course of a Journey through France, Italy, and Germany. 2 vols. (travel essay) 1789

British Synonymy; or, an Attempt at Regulating the Choice of Words in Familiar Conversation. Inscribed, with Sentiments of Gratitude and Respect, to such of Her Foreign Friends as Have Made English Literature Their Peculiar Study. 2 vols. (dictionary) 1794

Three Warnings to John Bull before He Dies. By an Old Acquaintance of the Public (essay) 1798

Retrospection: or a Review of the Most Striking and Important Events, Characters, Situations, and Their Consequences, which the Last Eighteen Hundred Years Have Presented to the View of Mankind. 2 vols. (history) 1801

Autobiography, Letters, and Literary Remains of Mrs. Piozzi (Thrale). 2 vols. (letters) 1861

Dr. Johnson and Mrs. Thrale (letters, poetry, and journals) 1910

The Intimate Letters of Hester Piozzi and Penelope Pennington, 1788-1821 (letters) 1914

The Letters of Mrs. Thrale (letters) 1926

The French Journals of Mrs. Thrale and Dr. Johnson (journals and letters) 1932

The Queeney Letters (letters) 1934

Thraliana: The Diary of Mrs. Hester Lynch Thrale (Later Mrs. Piozzi), 1776-1809. 2 vols. (diary and poetry) 1942; revised edition, 1951

The Letters of Samuel Johnson, with Mrs. Thrale's Genuine Letters to Him. 3 vols. (letters) 1952

The Thrales of Streatham Park [Family Book] (diary) 1977

The Piozzi Letters: Correspondence of Hester Lynch Piozzi, 1784-1821 (formerly Mrs. Thrale). 3 vols. (letters) 1989-93