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Sara Monday

Sara Monday, an open-hearted, self-indulgent cook whose thoughtless behavior has a way of getting her in trouble. Finally landing in jail, she looks at herself, examines her weaknesses, and resolves, with the help of her newly found self-knowledge, to regain her “character” and keep it when her sentence is over.

Matthew (Matt) Monday

Matthew (Matt) Monday, Sara Monday’s husband, an ineffectual man dominated by his family. His marriage to Sara emancipates him until his jealousy of Gulley Jimson destroys the self-confidence he has achieved.

Gulley Jimson

Gulley Jimson, an artist who persuades the widowed Sara Monday to live with him after she learns that he has a legal wife and cannot marry her. He mistreats Sara, who leaves him, but he never loses his hold over her, and eventually he is the cause of her arrest and imprisonment for the indiscretions she commits to support him.

Mr. Hickson

Mr. Hickson, an art collector and a friend of Sara and Matt Monday.

Mr. Wilcher

Mr. Wilcher, the employer and, later, the lover of Sara Monday. His plans to marry Sara are interrupted by her arrest and imprisonment.


Nina, the supposed wife of Gulley Jimson.

Blanche Wilcher

Blanche Wilcher, Mr. Wilcher’s niece by marriage.

Clarissa Hipper

Clarissa Hipper, Blanche Wilcher’s sister.




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