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1. Aerin's adventures were inspired in part by Tolkien's Lord of the Rings. What similarities do you see between Aerin and Frodo and their quests?

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2. Details about Aerin's court dress and her resistance to finery suggest a good bit about female fashions in Damar. Write a fashion report, including some sketches, of Galanna's wedding.

3. Prepare a resume for Aerin.

4. In history, some swords did indeed become legendary. Investigate the social and scientific reasons why.

5. Arlbeth briefly comments on the advantages and disadvantages of Aerin's new way of riding in battle. Drawing on what you know or can research about the development of equipment for battle horses, argue for or against training some horses to ride as Aerin rides Talat.

6. Between Aerin's eighteenth birthday and her return to Damar with her army of beasts, Aerin changes from an insecure teenager to a young woman who knows where and how she belongs. Although the various adventures prompt the changes, what she learns from her experiences makes the difference. Explain Aerin's growing up to the court psychologist.

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