Hernán Cortés Further Reading - Essay

Further Reading

(Literary Criticism (1400-1800))

Alonso, Manuel Moreno. "The Dialogue of the Dead between Hernán Cortés and William Penn, and the Romantic Image of the Conquistador in England." BHS LXVI, No. 2 (April 1989): 141-54.

Examines the literary appropriation of the figure of Cortés in terms of changes in the way his character and actions were perceived in eighteenth-century England.

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Portrays Cortés as a hero of epic proportions in his pursuit of the conquest of Mexico.

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A historical overview of the circumstances surrounding Cortés's conquest of Mexico, focusing on the relationship between Cortés, the governor of Cuba, and the Spanish emperor.

Ott, Thomas O. Review of Hernan Cortés: Letters from Mexico, edited by A. R. Pagden. History: Review of New Books 15, No. 3 (May, June, July, August, 1987): 140.

Discusses the Letters as revealing the conquistador mentality with its complex combination of "God, sword, and greed."

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A comparative study of Cortés's Letters, along with his "Map of Mexico City and the Gulf" and Sahagún's Florentine Codex, focusing on the power politics implicit in such acts of representation.

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Examines the conflict between Indianistas and Hispanistas over the relative importance of Cortés's role in Mexican history.

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Brings together earlier sources on Cortés's life, and presents a detailed account of the conquest of Mexico and Cortés's achievements as an administrator and builder of cities.