Other Literary Forms

(Critical Edition of Dramatic Literature)

Hermann Sudermann was known as a novelist and short-story writer as well as a dramatist. Best known among his novels are Frau Sorge (1887; Dame Care, 1891), Der Katzensteg (1889; Regina, 1894), Es war (1894; The Undying Past, 1906), Das hohe Lied (1908; The Song of Songs, 1909), Der tolle Professor (1926; The Mad Professor, 1928), and Die Frau des Steffen Tromholt (1927; The Wife of Steffen Tromholt, 1929). Best known among his stories and collections are Iolanthes Hochzeit (1892; Iolantha’s Wedding, 1918), Die indische Lilie (1911; The Indian Lily, 1911), and Litauische Geschichten (1917; The Excursion to Tilsit, 1930). Sudermann also wrote a literary autobiography, Das Bilderbuch meiner Jugend (1922; The Book of My Youth, 1923).