Hermann Hesse World Literature Analysis - Essay

Hermann Hesse World Literature Analysis

(Masterpieces of World Literature, Critical Edition)

Hesse’s first published work, Eine Stunde hinter Mitternacht, is a collection of short stories overflowing with sentimental posturing and romantic clichés, a style Hesse soon came to call sick and incomprehensible, but which he simply refined rather than repudiated. In his next work, Hinterlassene Schriften und Gedichte von Hermann Lauscher (1901), the hero with a split personality became the model for a long line of alter egos (doppelgänger), including Narcissus and Goldmund, Emil Sinclair and Max Demian, and Hans Giebenrath and Hermann Heilner.

The early works contain many of the themes that appear in Hesse’s later writings. One of these is the author as confessor-observer who looks at life...

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