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Vandyck (Van) Jennings

Vandyck (Van) Jennings, a young sociologist and chronicler of the Herlandean adventures. A scientist and linguist, he maintains an open mind and objectivity toward the all-female country he and his two friends discover. The most levelheaded of the three explorers, he is better able to observe and interpret their situation than are the others. He is eager to learn the language and willing to accept the education provided by his tutor, Somel; later, his relationship with Ellador, which begins as a comradely friendship, deepens into love. He enjoys sharing knowledge and experience with her. Although their views of marriage differ markedly, his respect for her as a person contributes to their successful union.

Terry O. Nicholson

Terry O. Nicholson, a wealthy young pilot, eager to explore and overconfident of his masculine charm. He is unable to accept a society without men or one in which women are equal; he expects a woman to relate to him. Fretting about confinement by the Herlandeans, he organizes an escape attempt and is humiliated to be recaptured by the women. Suave and masculine, he courts and marries Alima, still insisting that women enjoy being mastered, but his childish attempt to force her sexually results in failure and his divorce. He is expelled from Herland.

Jeff Margrave

Jeff Margrave, a young doctor, courteous and curious, interested in all the wonders of...

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The three men who visit Herland represent three distinct stances taken by men visa-vies women. While the attitudes of both Jeff Margrave and...

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