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“Here’s to You, Jesusa!” is a fictional story written by Elena Poniatowska. The story is about a Mexican woman named Jesusa, whose life is characterized by poverty, injustice, and a series of hardships. As a result of the hardships, she is compelled to become tough so as to face the challenges that life throws her way. There are various characters in the story and some of them are discussed below.

Jesusa is the main character in the story. She is born in a humble family and after her mother dies, the father decides to marry another woman. The father leaves all the care to the step-mother who mistreats Jesusa, thus turning her into an independent lady ready to protect herself from the dangers she encountered. Her father was of a Polish origin while her mother was from Mexico. Jesusa’s father ends up cohabiting with a series of women after the death of her mother. Jesusa cannot depend on her father for protection as the women end up abusing her. Jesusa has a brother by the name Emiliano who is a soldier. When Emiliano dies, Jesusa enlists with the revolutionary army where she helps soldiers with various chores. Later on, Jesusa is married to one of the soldiers by the name Pedro Aguilar, who is abusive towards her. At some point, she opts to defend herself and even threatens to retaliate by killing him. Afterward, Pedro is killed in the war thus giving Jesusa the much-coveted freedom and peace of mind. The government, which is portrayed as corrupt denies her the pension that it owes her; hence, further pushing her into economic oblivion.