Henry Wotton

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Principal Works

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A Courtlie controuersie of Cupids Cautels: Conteyning fiue Tragicall Histories, very pithie, pleasant, pitiful, and profitable: Discoursed vppon wyth argumentes of Loue, by three Gentlemen and two Gentlewomen, entermedled with diuers delicate Sonets and Rithmes, exceeding delightfull to refresh the yrksomnesse of tedious tyme. Translated out of French as neare as our English phrase will permit [translator; from Le Printemps D'Yver by Jacque D'Yer] (short stories) 1578

The Elements of Architecture, Collected from the Best Authors and Examples (nonfiction) 1624

Ad regem è Scotia reducem Henrici Wottonij plausus et vota [A Panegyrick of King Charles; being Observations upon the Inclination, Life and Government of Our Soveraign Lord the King] (nonfiction) 1633

A Parallel betweene Robert Late Earle of Essex, and George Late Duke of Buckingham (nonfiction) 1641

A Short View of the Life and Death of George Villers, Duke of Buckingham (nonfiction) 1642

Reliquiæ Wottonianæ. Or, a Collection of Lives, Letters, Poems: with Characters of Sundry Personages: And other Incomparable Pieces of Language and Art. By the curious Pensil of the Ever Memorable Sr Henry Wotton, Kt, Late Provost of Eton Colledg (collected works) 1651; revised editions 1654, 1672, 1685

The State of Christendom; or, A Most Exact and Curious Discovery of Many Secret Passages, and Hidden Mysteries of the Times (nonfiction) 1657

Poems by Sir Henry Wotton (poetry) 1843

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