Other literary forms

(Poets and Poetry in America)

Although Henry Taylor is known primarily for his poetry collections, he has also published a number of significant works in other genres. Competent in several languages, his translations include Euripides’ The Children of Herakles (1981; with Robert A. Brooks) and Bulgarian poet Vladimir Levchev’s Leaves from the Dry Tree (1996) and Black Book of the Endangered Species (1999). Taylor’s translations of international writers’ poetry were printed in Crossing the River: Selected Poems Translated from the Hebrew/Moshe Dor (1989; Seymour Mayne, editor), Window on the Black Sea: Bulgarian Poetry in Translation (1992; Richard Harteis, editor, with William Meredith), and World Literature Today (Winter, 1993).

Taylor has also been active as a literary scholar and critic, having published the text Poetry: Points of Departure (1974). Taylor’s scholarship includes articles in Masterplots; Magill’s Literary Annual, for which he served as a consultant and associate editor in the early 1970’s; and The Pure Clear Word: Essays on the Poetry of James Wright (1982; Dave Smith, editor). His Compulsory Figures: Essays on Recent American Poets, a collection of critical essays on the works of seventeen twentieth century American poets, was published in 1992.