Henry Gregor Felsen

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Robert N. Sheridan

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Few sons will be fortunate enough to have a father who feels so keenly, understands so intuitively, and expresses himself with such sensitivity. Mr. Felsen's thoughts and advice [in To My Son in Uniform], will interest and help both the young men and the parents of sons who are in or about to go into the service. The author has consolidated the thoughts conveyed in his letters to his son from the time of his enlistment in the marines to his discharge four years later, and has presented them with great personal feeling and sentiment. He has fortunately avoided offensive moralizing and sentimentality. This is a thoughtful, sensitive book which could make acceptance of the military way of life easier by explaining the why of basic actions and attitudes encountered in the service, especially within the first few months after induction.

Robert N. Sheridan, "The Book Review: 'To My Son in Uniform'," in Library Journal (reprinted from Library Journal, January 15, 1967: published by R. R. Bowker Co. (a Xerox company); copyright © 1967 by Xerox Corporation), Vol. 92, No. 2, January 15, 1967, p. 248.

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