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Louise S. Bechtel

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The events [described in "Two and the Town"] are related without sentimentality and with none of the touches which would bar such a story from the most careful library shelves….

[It] probably will cause plenty of discussion. It is not a novel, but a junior novel for boys that is almost a tract on a subject many adolescents think about a greal deal. One wide area in that thinking is omitted, purposely, though it is hinted at in the sophisticated girl whom Buff liked best before his accidental tragedy. In other words, Buff and Elaine are too naïve to appeal to those who need such a sermon most.

Louise S. Bechtel, "Books for Boys and Girls: 'Two and the Town'," in New York Herald Tribune Book Review (© I.H.T. Corporation; reprinted by permission), Vol. 28, No. 30, May 4, 1952, p. 6.

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