Henry Gregor Felsen

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Alice N. Hungerford

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Mr. Felsen's ["Street Rod"] lays a burden on the reviewer to communicate its worth to children, parents, and to groups concerned with the car as a potentially fatal weapon when placed at the disposal of a teen ager. [Felsen's skill] makes a vital story, not a tract….

His description of the point at which a town which amply nourished their childhood becomes dead to a group of boys turning 16 is superlative writing. Accumulated boredom is taken out in the vicious driving which is the problem of the book. The author has various answers but is resolute enough to acknowledge that no device will restrain the latent desire to "show" their contemporaries that lies restlessly in all boys. To bring this point home the book deviates from its expected course to a terrifying conclusion.

I am grateful to Mr. Felsen for this book…. I admire it and congratulate him.

Alice N. Hungerford, "Reckless Youth," in Chicago Sunday Tribune, Part 4 (© 1953 Chicago Tribune), October 11, 1953, p. 7.

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