"Fight Till The Last Gasp"

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Context: At Orleans, the French greatly outnumber the English, but the latter fight "like lions wanting food." Dispirited, Charles the Dauphin is approached by the Bastard of Orleans, who reports that he has Joan of Arc, "Joan Pucelle," who is destined to "drive the English forth the bounds of France." After Joan's authenticity has been established, by beating Charles at swords, Reignier, Duke of Anjou, askes Charles if they are to "give over Orleans, or no?" To this question Joan of Arc has a definite answer:

Why no, I say. Distrustful recreants,
Fight till the last gasp. I will be your guard.
What she says, I'll confirm: we'll fight it out.
Assigned am I to be the English scourge.
This night the siege assuredly I'll raise:
. . .

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