"Choked With Ambition"

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Context: Edmund Mortimer, now old, has been in the Tower of London, since losing in his fight with Henry IV over succession to the English throne. Richard of York, Mortimer's nephew, visits him and asks the story of Mortimer's imprisonment. Mortimer recounts the unjust holding of the throne by the House of Lancaster, when it should have descended through his line. When Richard raves against these injustices, Mortimer advocates caution, for the House of Lancaster is "like a mountain, not to be moved." After Mortimer dies, Richard comments on his unjust fate imposed by the ambitious Lancastrians:

. . .
Here dies the dusky torch of Mortimer,
Choked with ambition of the meaner sort.
And for those wrongs, those bitter injuries,
Which Somerset hath offered to my house,
I doubt not but with honour to redress.
. . .

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