Henry VI, Part I Overview Quiz

Shakespeare knows that political intrigue sets the stage for war. See how much you know of his famous history with eNotes' Henry VI, Part I Overview Quiz.

  1. Why does the countess of Auvergne invite Talbot to visit her?

  2. What do the duke of Gloucester's and the bishop of Winchester's men fight over?

  3. Who has been captured by the French?

  4. What item do Richard Plantagenet and the duke of Somerset select as emblems of their separate causes?

  5. What claim does Margaret make?

  6. Somerset asserts that Richard Plantagent's father was executed for:

  7. Who rallies French spirits?

  8. What do the messengers announce at the beginning of the play?

  9. Who is killed at the siege of Orleance?

  10. Why is Falstaff banished?

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