Henry V "Babbled Of Green Fields"
by William Shakespeare

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"Babbled Of Green Fields"

(Magill's Quotations in Context)

Context: In a street in Eastcheap, London, in front of the Boar's Head Tavern, Pistol announces to his cronies the death of Sir John Falstaff, the roguish and lewd knight who has whiled away many hours at the Boar's Head Tavern and has been a favorite drinking companion of Prince Hal before his coronation as King Henry V. Bardolph says he wishes he were with Falstaff whether he be in heaven or in hell, but the hostess says that Falstaff is in Arthur's bosom and proceeds to give the particulars of the death and last words of the merry knight:

Nay sure, he's not in hell; he's in Arthur's bosom, if ever man went to Arthur's bosom. 'A made a finer end, and went away an it had been any christom child; 'a parted ev'n just between twelve and one, ev'n at the turning o' th' tide: for after I saw him fumble with the sheets, and play with flowers, and smile upon his finger's end, I knew there was but one way; for his nose was as sharp as a pen, and 'a babbled of green fields. . . .