Henry V Overview Quiz

Henry V recounts one of history’s most stunning military upsets, in which the English were victorious over the French at Agincourt. But what else do you know about this historical Tudor play? Take the quiz from eNotes over Henry V by William Shakespeare and find out!

  1. What prediction does Orleans make at the end of Act III?

  2. What is Canterbury trying to convince Henry to do?

  3. What is Fluellen wearing in his cap in Act V?

  4. Why does the Dauphin not fear the English king?

  5. What unusual gift does the Dauphin send to Henry?

  6. What animal does Henry tell his troops to emulate?

  7. Why does Henry disguise himself as he moves among his troops?

  8. At the beginning of the play, what controversial bill is Parliament considering?

  9. What action of the traitors seals their death sentence?

  10. What city do the English take after Henry delivers his ultimatum?