Henry V Act V, Scene 1 Questions and Answers
by William Shakespeare

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Act V, Scene 1 Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. What events transpired between Acts IV and V?

2. Where has Fluellen placed the leek he intends to force Pistol to eat?

3. How does this parallel the quarrel between Henry and Williams?

4 Besides the beating, what other misfortunes has Pistol suffered?

5. Does he decide to change occupations as a result?

6. Who is described as “swelling like a turkey-cock”?

7. What is Pistol’s reaction to the leek?

8. What is a cudgel?

9. During Elizabethan times, was it a compliment to call someone a Trojan?

10. Before leaving, Fluellen gives Pistol a groat. What is this?

1. Henry came back to England, the Holy Roman Emperor tried unsuccessfully to impose a peace treaty on England and France. Henry returned to Paris to claim his prizes.

2. He wears it in his cap.

3. Each of them wore the other’s glove in his cap.

4. Pistol’s wife has died and he is poor.

5. No, Pistol remains a thief and a rogue.

6. Pistol is.

7. He says it makes him sick.

8. It is a short, heavy club.

9. No, it was an insult. A Trojan was a dissolute man.

10. It is a cheap coin, comparable to a penny.