Henry V Act IV, Scene 8 Questions and Answers
by William Shakespeare

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Act IV, Scene 8 Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. What happens when Fluellen meets Williams?

2. How does this dispute end?

3. In round numbers, what are the casualties of the battle on both sides?

4. What are Non Nobis and Te Deum?

5. Why does Henry order his men to sing them?

6. Why does Fluellen take Williams for a traitor?

7 Is Williams reconciled with Fluellen by the gift of money?

8. Does Henry apologize for having deceived Williams and Fluellen?

9. Did many of the French ruling class die in the battle?

10. What penalty does Henry prescribe for boasting of victory?

1. Williams strikes him.

2. Henry admits his prank and gives Williams gold coins.

3. There are some 10,000 French dead and about 25 English dead.

4. They are hymns praising God.

5. He is convinced the victory was a miracle.

6. Under military law, when a soldier strikes an officer, he is usually guilty of treason.

7. Probably not, since he rejects the offer.

8. No, he does not.

9. Yes, some 9,000 were princes, nobles, and knights.

10. Henry makes it punishable by death.