Henry V Act IV, Scene 6 Questions and Answers
by William Shakespeare

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Act IV, Scene 6 Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. What values do the deaths of York and Suffolk exemplify?

2. How might their death be contrasted with the French in the preceding scene?

3. Why would killing prisoners be considered barbaric and dishonorable?

4. Why does Henry give this order?

5. What effect might this have on the audience’s estimation of Henry?

6. Does Henry know the battle’s outcome yet?

7. How many times did Exeter see York during the battle?

8. When Suffolk saw York die, what did he do?

9. What is Exeter’s emotional response to this memory?

10. Does this news suggest that the English are winning or losing?

1. They show courage, valor, and the soldier’s honorable love for his comrade in arms.

2. The French are seen to be cowards, killing themselves rather than suffering disgrace.

3. The prisoners are defenseless.

4. He hears that the French have rallied.

5. It might lower him in their esteem.

6. No, he does not.

7. Exeter saw him fall and rise again three times.

8. He embraced and kissed him and said a farewell.

9. Exeter weeps.

10. This suggests that they are losing.