Act IV, Scene 4 Questions and Answers

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Study Questions
1. What is the French soldier afraid of?

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2. How does he hope to save himself?

3. What is Pistol’s reaction?

4. Who translates for the Frenchman?

5. What is the boy’s reaction to these proceedings?

6. When the Frenchman cries “O Seigneur Dieu!,” what is his meaning?

7. How does Pistol mistake his meaning?

8. How does the action of this scene parallel that of the preceding scene?

9. Why do you think Shakespeare has the boy translate in this scene?

10. What “luggage” does the boy decide to help guard?

1. He is afraid Pistol will kill him.

2. He hopes to bribe Pistol to let him go.

3. He refuses at first, then agrees.

4. The boy translates.

5. He is disgusted by them.

6. He is invoking God (“Oh Lord God!”).

7. He thinks the man is stating his name.

8. Both involve a ransom.

9. So he will realize Pistol’s lies and double-dealing.

10. This refers to the possessions of the soldiers now in the field.

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