Henry V Act IV, Scene 1 Questions and Answers
by William Shakespeare

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Act IV, Scene 1 Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1.Why does Henry adopt a disguise?

2.When Henry asks Pistol for his opinion of the king, is the reply positive or negative?

3.Have Henry and Pistol known each other before?

4.What is Henry’s opinion of Fluellen?

5.Do any of the soldiers voice disapproval of King Henry?

6.Henry argues that every subject’s duty belongs to the king, but “his ___ is his own.” What word is missing?

7.In Henry’s dispute with Williams, what sign of recognition do the two exchange?

8.According to Henry, what prevents a king from getting a good night’s sleep?

9.For whom has Henry hired 500 people to pray?

10.To whom does Henry admit feelings of guilt for Richard’s death?


1.He wants to pass for a common soldier in order to see how his men are feeling.

2.Positive. He says Henry has a “heart of gold,” is a “lad of life,” etc.

3.Yes, they were companions during Henry’s younger days.

4.He thinks there is “much care and valor” in him.

5.No, they are united in support of him.

6.The word is soul.

7.A glove, gauntlet, or gage is the signal.

8.He has too many responsibilities.

9.They pray for Richard II, whom Henry’s father unjustly overthrew.

10.To God—he says this during a prayer.