Henry V Act III, Scene 7 Questions and Answers
by William Shakespeare

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Act III, Scene 7 Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. Where are the French during this scene?

2. What is the subject of discussion among the French?

3. Who says his horse is “pure air and fire”?

4. Do the others agree with him?

5. To what human being does the Constable compare the Dauphin’s horse?

6. Why does the punning, joking, and verbal jousting seem odd or inappropriate here?

7. About whose virtue does the Constable say, “never anybody saw it but his lackey”?

8. What metaphor does Rambures use in acknowledging the valor of the English?

9. According to Rambures, what meals are the English served by their wives?

10. What does he mean by this metaphor?

1. They are camped in the region of Agincourt, a short distance from the English.

2. They debate the relative merits of their horses.

3. The Dauphin makes this extravagant claim.

4. They pretend to agree, but really make fun of him.

5. He likens it to his mistress.

6. They are about to enter battle, yet they waste their time in silly wordplay.

7. This is one of his disparaging references to the Dauphin, whom the Constable despises.

8. He refers to dogs “of umatchable courage.”

9. They “give them great meals of beef and iron and steel.”

10. He means that they are supported by their wives, which makes them strong and hardy.