Henry V Act III, Scene 6 Questions and Answers
by William Shakespeare

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Act III, Scene 6 Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. Of what two characters does Fluellen speak admiringly? Why?

2. In military terms, what was the effect of Exeter’s accomplishment?

3. Does Fluellen seem to be a good judge of character? How do you know?

4. How does Pistol explain Bardolph being sentenced to death for theft?

5. What object did Bardolph steal, and where did he get it?

6. Is the death sentence unduly harsh for such a crime?

7. What is surprising about Henry’s refusal to pardon Bardolph?

8. Henry tells the messenger, Montjoy, that his army is sick and enfeebled. What might be his reason for admitting this?

9. Does Henry challenge Charles to a battle?

10. How many losses have the English suffered thus far?

1. He praises Exeter and Pistol for having taken a militarily important bridge.

2. He saved the army from having to march 50 miles to the next bridge.

3. No, he misjudges Pistol completely.

4. No, he blames it on the goddess Fortune, rather than actual guilt.

5. He stole a “pyx,” or communion plate, from a church.

6. No. Under the law of the time, any theft from a church, no matter how minor, was punishable by death.

7. He and Bardolph were friends during their younger days.

8. He might want to lull King Charles into a false sense of security.

9. No, but he says they will not avoid a fight.

10. None. Bardolph will be the first.