Henry V Act III, Scene 5 Questions and Answers
by William Shakespeare

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Act III, Scene 5 Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. To what news are the French nobles reacting in this scene?

2. What effect has this news had on the French people?

3. How would you describe the mood of the characters here?

4. Whose criticism do the men feel most keenly?

5. What prompts the king to demand for a ransom from Henry?

6. What is the gist of the Constable’s speech (lines 15-27)?

7. What opposite images are used here for France and England?

8. What course of action does the Constable urge?

9. Does the French king take this advice?

10. What prediction does the Constable make?

1. They have learned of Henry’s victory at Harfleur.

2. It has substantially lowered their opinion of the army.

3. They are embarrassed, yet still disdainful of the English.

4. They are stung by the insults of their “madams”—wives and girlfriends—who accuse them of c
cowardice and unmanliness.

5. He believes the English do not stand a chance against his army.

6. He wonders how the cold climate of England could produce such hot-blooded warriors.

7. Heat and cold are used, respectively.

8. He urges an immediate attack on Henry.

9. No, he sends a ransom offer instead.

10. He says that the English will see the mighty French army and, out of fear, pay the ransom.