Henry V Act III, Scene 2 Questions and Answers
by William Shakespeare

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Act III, Scene 2 Questions and Answers

Study Questions

1.What action did the French king take between Acts II and III?

2.What does Henry mean by “Once more unto the breach”?

3.What reaction does he get from Pistol, Bardolph, Nym, and the boy?

4.Why do they finally rejoin the battle?

5.What change comes over the boy?

6.What are the “mines” to which Fluellen alludes?

7.Of what nationality are Fluellen, Macmorris, and Jamy?

8.How is this fact important to the situation?

9.What is their personal relationship?

10.Are all their differences resolved in this scene?

1.He offered Henry a bribe—Princess Katharine and some French dukedoms—to withdraw.

2.He is urging his soldiers to storm Harfleur through a gap in the town’s wall.

3.They run the opposite way.

4.Fluellen forcibly turns them around.

5.He recognizes the worthlessness of his companions and decides to leave them.

6.These are holes dug under the wall that are meant to collapse it (a process called “undermining”).

7.They are, respectively, Welsh, Irish, and Scottish.

8.Back in England, all three nations are at odds with the ruling English government.

9.They are mutually quarrelsome and disputatious.

10.No. Fluellen and Macmorris plan to continue their fight at a later time.