Henry V Act III, Scene 1 Questions and Answers
by William Shakespeare

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Act III, Scene 1 Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. What is a siege?

2. To what “breach” does Henry refer?

3. What, says Henry, should they do if not storm the breach?

4. What clue do we get here about the power of the English army?

5. Whom does Henry liken to “so many Alexanders”?

6. What are considered manly virtues during peacetime?

7. What does the simile “like the brass cannon” refer to?

8. Whom are the “noblest English” to set an example for?

9. Who are yeomen?

10. What does the metaphor “the game’s afoot” mean?

1. It is a military attempt to capture a fortified (and usually walled) town.

2. He refers to a gap in the wall surrounding Harfleur.

3. They should “close up the wall with our English dead!”

4. They are not invincible. This is not their first attempt to enter the breach.

5. He alludes to the fathers of his soldiers.

6. Modesty and humility are such virtues.

7. It refers to the eyes of the soldiers.

8. They are to set an example for “those of grosser blood,” i.e., the lower classes.

9. Yeomen are free subjects who are commoners, farmers, etc.

10. It means the quarry has been set loose—the hunt has begun.