Henry V Act III, Prologue Questions and Answers
by William Shakespeare

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Act III, Prologue Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. According to Chorus, how fast does this scene fly?

2. What is the “hempen tackle” on which boys climb?

3. What is the course of the voyage that Chorus describes?

4. Who is guarding England in Henry’s absence?

5. What are “fatal mouths”?

6. What offer has Henry received from the French king?

7. What is Henry’s answer?

8. What sound effects are used here?

9. Where will the present action take place?

10. What is the English army doing there?

1. It flies “as fast as thought.”

2. It is the ship’s rigging—ropes and stays.

3. It is from Southampton, England, to Harfleur, France.

4. The country is “guarded with grandsires, babies, and old women.”

5. This is a metaphor (metonymy) for cannon muzzles.

6. The king has offered him his daughter Katharine, along with some dukedoms.

7. He refuses.

8. Cannon fire is heard from offstage.

9. It will occur in the French town of Harfleur.

10. It is laying siege to the town.