Henry V Act II, Scene 2 Questions and Answers
by William Shakespeare

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Act II, Scene 2 Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. Of what crime are Scroop, Grey, and Cambridge guilty?

2. Who knows of the spy plot?

3. What positions do Scroop, Grey, and Cambridge hold?

4. For whom are the three spying?

5. What is their motive?

6. On what decision does Henry seek their advice?

7. What penalty do the three recommend?

8. How do the men discover that their plot has been discovered?

9. What does Henry mean in saying, “Their cheeks are paper”?

10. What sentence does he impose?

1. They are spies, and are therefore guilty of treason.

2. The truth is known to Henry and his advisors.

3. They, too, are Henry’s advisors.

4. They are spying for the French.

5. They are greedy—the French have bought their allegiance.

6. He must decide the sentence for a man convicted of insulting him.

7. They recommend the maximum penalty.

8. Henry hands them papers that tell them so.

9. They have blanched at seeing their plot revealed.

10. He sends them to their death.