Henry V Act II, Scene 1 Questions and Answers
by William Shakespeare

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Act II, Scene 1 Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. What titles do the characters in this scene go by?

2. Are these titles official?

3. What news does the boy bring?

4. Who is Falstaff?

5. Who repeatedly says, “There’s the humour of it”?

6. What does “shog off” mean?

7. With what kind of harm do Pistol and Nym threaten each other?

8. Name one kind of recurring animal imagery in this scene.

9. Pistol says he means to be a “sutler . . . unto the camp.” What is this?

10. Where do the characters go at the end of this scene?

1. They call themselves “Ancient” Pistol, “Lieutenant” Bard-olph, and “Corporal” Nym.

2. No. None of the three belongs to the army.

3. He says Falstaff is dying.

4. “Sir” John Falstaff was the leader of this gang until he fell ill.

5. This is Nym’s refrain.

6. It means “go away.”

7. They both draw swords.

8. The metaphor of dogs is repeatedly used.

9. A sutler is a seller of provisions.

10. They go to Falstaff’s bedside.