Henry V Act II, Prologue Questions and Answers
by William Shakespeare

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Act II, Prologue Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. Do the English people support the war with France?

2. In line 8, is “Expectation” a simile, a metaphor, or a personification?

3. What is the French attitude toward Henry’s invasion?

4. What simile is used to image England’s national spirit?

5. Who are the three “corrupted men”?

6. What plan do the three conspirators have?

7. Where is the first scene located?

8. Where will the following scene take place?

9. Where will the last scene in Act II take place?

10. What does Chorus call “a nest of hollow bosoms”?

1. Yes. “All the youth of England are on fire” to join the army.

2. It is a personification.

3. They “shake in their fear” and wish to “divert the English purposes.”

4. The simile used is “Like little body with a mighty heart,” line 17.

5. They are traitors Cambridge, Scroop, and Grey.

6. The conspirators’ plan is assassination “by their hands this grace of kings must die.” (line 28)

7. It is in London.

8. It will take place in Southampton.

9. It will take place in France.

10. He refers to the hearts of the three spies.