Henry V Act III, Scene 6 Summary and Analysis

William Shakespeare

Act III, Scene 6 Summary and Analysis

Back among the English at Picardy, captains Gower and Fluellen discuss the bravery of Exeter, who has just won an important military skirmish by holding a key bridge further up the river. (This event is not described in detail in the play. Exeter’s stand took place in an area called Teroune. Henry and his men needed a nearby river crossing to avoid an exhausting, 50-mile trek to the next bridge. Exeter, while reconnoitering, came upon a small bridge that the French were about to destroy. He drove off the enemy and held out until Henry and his troops arrived.)

Describing the scene in his slow-witted fashion, Fluellen praises both Exeter and another soldier he saw on the bridge, the “Aunchient...

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