Henry IV, Part I "A Candy Deal Of Courtesy"

William Shakespeare

"A Candy Deal Of Courtesy"

Context: After being chided by King Henry IV for disobeying royal orders, Hotspur's temper is fed by the remarks of Northumberland and Worcester, his fellow conspirators against the king. Finally, he explodes, and is critisized for his temper, as being a "wasp-stung and impatient fool" "to break into this woman's mood." Hotspur replies that he is "whipped and scourged with rods, / Nettled and stung" with ants when he hears of "this vile politician Bolingbroke," Henry IV. Hotspur further remembers how Bolingbroke deposed Richard II, and then spoke sweetly to him, Hotspur:

Why what a candy deal of courtesy
This fawning greyhound then did proffer me.
. . .
O the devil take such cozeners! God forgive me!
. . .