Act V Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. Why does Worcester go to King Henry?

2. What challenge does Hal present to Worcester?

3. Why does Worcester lie to Hotspur about the King’s message?

4. What does Vernon say about Hal’s challenge to Hotspur?

5. Explain what happens to Sir Walter Blunt on the battlefield.

6. What comic relief provided by Falstaff appears at the end of Scene iii?

7. What happens when Douglas encounters King Henry on the battlefield?

8. How does Hal live up to his vow to King Henry?

9. What is the outcome of Hal’s challenge to Hotspur?

10. What immediate arrangements does Henry make to put an end to rebellion in England?

1. Worcester goes to King Henry to inform him of the rebels’ response to the offer of pardon. Henry takes this opportunity to tell Worcester “’Tis not well / That you and I should meet upon such terms / As we meet now,” suggesting the inevitable defeat of the Percys.

2. After hearing Worcester’s excuses for justifying the rebellion, Prince Henry challenges Hotspur to do battle “in a single fight” to determine the outcome of the rebellion.

3. When Worcester returns to the Percy camp, he tells Hotspur that the “King will bid you battle presently,” in order to stir him to battle since the rebels are weakened and have reached the point of no return. He fears that if...

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