Act IV Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. What disappointing news do the rebels receive?

2. How does Hotspur react to this news?

3. Why does Worcester fear Northumberland’s absence?

4. What news does Sir Richard Vernon bring the rebels?

5. Describe Falstaff’s charge of infantry men.

6. What advice do Worcester and Vernon give Hotspur?

7. Explain what Sir Walter Blunt offers the rebels on behalf of King Henry.

8. How does Hotspur respond to the King’s proposal?

9. What does the shift in Hotspur’s decision suggest about his way of thinking?

10. What fear does the Archbishop of York express?

1. The rebels receive the disappointing news that Northumberland “is grievous sick” and will not join the rebel forces, that “The Earl of Westmoreland, seven thousand strong, / Is marching,” and that Glendower “cannot draw his power this fourteen days.”

2. Hotspur reacts to this news by thinking that with Northumberland’s absence the rebels will not jeopardize all of their forces. He refuses to comprehend the strength of Henry’s forces, and he is naive enough to believe that “the powers of us may serve” to defeat the King.

3. Worcester fears that Northumberland’s absence may be interpreted by some as a disapproval of the rebels’ cause and may create doubts about their enterprise.

4. Sir...

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