Henri Becque Criticism: La Navette (The Merry-Go-Round) - Essay

Criticism: La Navette (The Merry-Go-Round)

(Drama Criticism)

SOURCE: Spiers, A. G. H. “Reviews of Plays: Becque and Merimee at the Vieux Colombier.” Nation 105, no. 2737 (13 December 1917): 674.

[In the following review, Spiers remarks favorably on the production of Becque's The Merry-Go-Round at the Theatre du Vieux Colombier.]

The second bill of the Théâtre du Vieux Colombier is a delight—a delight for the eyes as well as for the mind. I shall speak later of Copeau's stage-setting and costumes; our immediate attention is required by a question raised in the review of the preceding bill: can this company present with equal soundness and skill plays of very different types?

So far as can be...

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