Heinrich Böll Long Fiction Analysis - Essay

Heinrich Böll Long Fiction Analysis

(Survey of Novels and Novellas)

Serious moral commitment is the essence of Heinrich Böll’s writing. In an essay of 1952 titled “Bekenntnis zur Trümmerliteratur” (“In Defense of Rubble Literature”), Böll praises Charles Dickens for the same commitment. Dickens wrote about the social abuses he saw in English schools, prisons, and poorhouses and, by depicting these abuses, helped to bring about change. Böll believed that literature can change society by making people more aware of the world in which they live. In his 1958 essay “Die Sprache als Hort der Freiheit” (“Language as the Stronghold of Freedom”), he says that words contain enough dynamite to destroy whole worlds. It is for this reason that dictatorships fear the printed word almost...

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