Other Literary Forms

(Critical Edition of Dramatic Literature)

Heinar Kipphardt’s popularity as a playwright is equally matched by his reputation as a director and as a freelance writer of principally prose works. His only novel, März (1976), and most of his short stories are characteristically in the documentary vein, as are a large majority of his plays. The adaptation, in prose, of his previously produced play Der Hund des Generals and the dramatic adaptation, März, ein Künstlerleben, of his earlier novel, März, attest the ability of Kipphardt as a narrator.

Kipphardt wrote one volume of poetry, Angelsbrucker Notizen (1977), and edited several volumes of preponderantly historical-documentary and critical essays. Kipphardt’s adaptation of Jakob Michael Reinhold Lenz’s Die Soldaten (1776; The Soldiers, 1972) not only proves Kipphardt’s unique skill in dealing with legal and military subject matter but also shows Kipphardt, the psychiatrist, as a master of the psychological study.