Why do Heidi, Clara, and Peter visit the pastures daily?

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Heidi, Clara, and Peter decide to come to the pastures every day so Clara can practice walking and enjoy the picturesque sights with her friends.

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Heidi insists that Clara has to come to the pastures every day so that she can learn how to walk without a wheelchair. Peter doesn't want to come to the pastures with them. Before Clara’s arrival, Peter had Heidi to himself. He and Heidi could put the goats out to pasture and enjoy the scenic views together. It was just the two of them at the pastures every day. They tended to the animals and took in the glistening flowers, golden light, and glowing rocks.

Feeling that Clara has intruded upon their routine, Peter makes a bad choice. One morning, he spots Clara’s wheelchair. Thinking that if the wheelchair goes away, Clara will go away with it, Peter pushes it down an incline so it breaks. Peter’s plan backfires. His actions don’t cause Clara to depart, and, to make matters worse, his destruction of the wheelchair fills him with guilt. He can’t stop feeling ashamed and thinking about his unkind deed.

Ultimately, the absence of the wheelchair propels Clara to go without it. After Heidi threatens gloomy Peter, Peter helps Heidi get Clara to the pasture. Heidi is excited about Clara’s progress. “Now, you can come up here every day!” she shouts. Now, every day, Clara can visit the pastures, practice walking on her own, and experience the stunning sights.

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