How does Heidi make a bed?

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Heidi makes a bed by laying a bed-sheet over a fresh heap of straw in the hay-loft and then using extra hay for a pillow and a thick flax sack for a coverlid. From her vantage point high up in the hay-loft, she's able to see right down the valley through the round window.

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Heidi wants to know where she is to sleep in her grandfather's house. He says that she can sleep wherever she wants. Upon hearing this, Heidi is utterly delighted and immediately starts looking around the house to see where she might go to sleep.

Eventually, she discovers the hay-loft. As well as having large heaps of fresh, sweet-smelling hay, it also has remarkable views of the valley through the round window in the wall. Heidi thinks it's lovely up there, and so is the place where she will sleep.

She starts making her bed straight away, and asks Grandfather if he has a sheet. He does indeed have one, even though it's a rather coarse piece of material. By the time Grandfather brings the sheet to Heidi, he discovers that she's already made a nice comfy little bed for herself. The mattress consists of fresh hay, as does the pillow. This way she'll be able to see down the valley out of the round window when she's in bed.

Heidi and her grandfather spread the sheet over the bed of hay, and Heidi neatly tucks it in. But there's still one thing that she needs: a coverlid. Heidi is insistent that when you get into bed, you have to creep in between the sheet and the coverlid. Unfortunately, Grandfather doesn't have a coverlid, so Heidi will have to make do with a large, thick sack made of flax. But Heidi doesn't mind; she says it is a splendid coverlid.

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