How does Heidi enjoy her first meal with her grandfather?

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Heidi very much enjoys her first meal of bread, cheese, and milk at her grandfather's house.

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Heidi is very hungry by the time she has dinner with her grandfather. She has traveled all day to his home and has had nothing to eat since her bread and thin coffee for breakfast.

Heidi enjoys her dinner very much. She watches her grandfather toast the cheese over the fire, making it soft and easy to spread. She helps him by bringing the bread, plates, knives, and glasses out of the cupboard. Her grandfather pours her a bowl of milk, which she drinks at once, since she is very thirsty, and then a second bowl. By the time she is done with the very simple meal of milk, bread, and cheese, she is well satisfied.

One problem, however, is that her grandfather has only one chair. There is a stool, but it is too low for the table. For this first dinner together, the grandfather sits on the table, leaving his chair for Heidi to use as a table that she pulls her low stool up to. After dinner, her grandfather makes a taller three-legged stool so that they can both eat at the table.

Heidi brings her happy and helpful spirit to her grandfather's cottage, which helps her ease into her transition to her new life in the Alps.

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