Hedda Gabler Overview Quiz

Is Hedda deceitful and selfish, or a casualty of circumstance and a patriarchal Victorian society? Show us what you know about Henrik Ibsen's masterpiece of realism by taking the Hedda Gabler Overview Quiz from eNotes. Contains ten questions about the powerful play.

  1. Which of the following best describes Hedda's attitude when she enters the Tesman's villa?

  2. What does Hedda confess to Judge Brack?

  3. What does Lovborg leave behing that George finds and Hedda stashes away?

  4. What does Hedda most desire?

  5. Why is Lovborg arrested?

  6. What lie does Lovborg tell Mrs. Elvsted?

  7. What are George and Julianna hoping for, that will cover their debt in getting things ready for Hedda?

  8. What does Hedda fear will be discovered?

  9. What disturbing news does Judge Brack give George?

  10. In what country is the play set?