Characters Discussed

(Great Characters in Literature)

Stella Rodney

Stella Rodney, an attractive English widow. She is unbelieving when told that her lover is a Nazi sympathizer. Because she cannot keep her knowledge to herself in fairness, she tells her lover the accusations. He shocks her by revealing that the accusations are true. Even after this revelation, she still tries to shield him from the authorities.

Robert Kelway

Robert Kelway, Stella’s lover and, although a veteran of Dunkirk, a Nazi sympathizer. After he reveals his nature to Stella, he climbs out to her roof, from which he jumps and falls to his death.


Harrison, an intelligence agent. He informs Stella of her lover’s Nazi propensities. At first he seems affectionate, but after the war, he seems relieved that she is planning to marry someone else.

Roderick Rodney

Roderick Rodney, Stella’s son, a soldier in the British army. He is an enthusiastic young man. His mother looks after his estate, inherited from a cousin in Ireland, while he is in the service during World War II.

Louie Lewis

Louie Lewis, a soldier’s wife. A clumsy, cowlike person, she on impulse tries to pick up Harrison. Later, she intrudes herself upon Stella and Harrison while they are dining out.

Francis Morris

Francis Morris, Stella’s relative who bequeathed his Irish estate to Stella’s son.