The Heart's Code by Paul Pearsall

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The Heart’s Code

(Critical Survey of Contemporary Fiction)

Self-styled psychoneuroimmunologist Paul Pearsall contends that people often think with their hearts rather than their heads. In THE HEART’S CODE: TAPPING THE WISDOM AND POWER OF OUR HEART ENERGY, he explores the relatively new field of cellular memory, an area that has broad implications socially, medically, and religiously. He conjectures that just as all cells contain genetic blueprints, they also contain memories of the distant past.

Pearsall has collected a panoply of anecdotal material from organ transplant patients and their families. He claims that in many heart recipients, a spiritual tie grows between patient and donor. Some of the people interviewed claim to share memories with their deceased donors, leading Pearsall to postulate that the heart, which he personifies throughout his book, actually is capable of thought, emotion, memory, and communication with other hearts.

Pearsall intimates that a unique...

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