Characters Discussed

(Great Characters in Literature)


Hananiah (hah-nah-NI-yah), a holy man who endures hardships and captivity as he drifts on whatever path the Lord sets his feet. He longs for nothing so much as to go to The Land of Israel. His hands are blessed; he can, without instruction or training, perform the skills of all trades. His opportunity to go to Israel arises when nine rabbis and their wives, who are about to embark, welcome him to join them, for he makes the quorum of ten men necessary for the group to pray as a congregation. True to the goodness of his heart, however, he misses the boat’s departure while helping a woman try to locate her lost husband. The Lord instructs him to lay his kerchief on the sea, and miraculously he sails to Israel sitting on it. He becomes the subject of legend, and it is said that at the age of one hundred he was like a youth of twenty.

Rabbi Shmuel Yosef

Rabbi Shmuel Yosef (shmew-EHL), the storyteller of the group. At times of danger and hardship during their journey, he cheers the group with tales of salvation and comfort.

Rabbi Yosef Meir

Rabbi Yosef Meir (mah-YEHR), whose longing for Israel causes him to divorce his wife because she does not want to accompany him. At the end of the story, she joins him, and they remarry in Israel. They are one of the two families who remain to make their...

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